As part of our commitment to customer safety we operate an admissions policy at all Jute, Jam & Journalism Group venues. You will be asked to provide ID which can be in the form of a UK photocard drivers licence, passport or card bearing PASS hologram. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to customers without valid ID. If you are lucky enough to look younger than 18, be prepared to prove your age when asked inside the venue and please do not be offended. Note that some Jute, Jam & Journalism Group venues operate a “Challenge 21” policy. In line with local authority guidance, we will confiscate any false IDs and hand them over to the police. For those venues with ID scanners, copies of your ID will be stored at the venue and may be shared with other local operators. Further details on our use of scanners and the information that they collect are set out in our ID scanner policy

We run a 100% search policy which is conducted using metal detectors and/or body searches. We ask that customers cooperate with staff at the venue as searches are a condition for entry. Note that Jute, Jam & Journalism Group operates a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and weapons and anyone suspected of taking or dealing in drugs or of carrying weapons will be searched and may be ejected from the venue. The police may also be called.

From time to time it may be necessary for us to exclude customers from our venues. In doing so we will seek to act fairly and will inform customers of the ban where it is practical to do so. If you have been banned from a venue and wish us to review that decision, you should contact the General Manager of the venue or the Jute, Jam & Journalism Group customer services team at