What is the 3 J’s ?

With the silvery River Tay on its doorstep and a swathe of heather covered hills and tumbling glens as its beautiful backdrop, Scotland’s fourth city, a modern metropolis, has much to offer At school I learned that Dundee is famous for its three J’s – Jute, Jam and Journalism.

What We Stand For

As an independent hospitality business, we always put people first whether it is our employees, our customers or consumers. We focus on understanding what people want and how we can satisfy their demand in the most creative way possible.

Despite having a growing team, we maintain a ‘family business’ approach and are committed to helping our employees reach their goals.

We work alongside our customers through every stage of product development to support their growth and nurture our brands.

We’re on top of consumer trends making sure that we create high-quality venues they want to use time and time again.

About the owner

Dr. Christopher. J.D.B.R. Ireland Ph.D. is please to announce the purchase and ownership of the property and businesses all forming part of Jute, Jam & Journalism Group and Jute, Jam & Journalism Investments 

Dr. Christopher is excited, enthusiastic and energetic about all the new ventures and significant money spent on ventures in Dundee to revamp, re grow and freshen the Entertainment, Hospitality and Leisure Scenes in Dundee, Fife and Beyond.

Jute, Jam & Journalism Group Trademarked to Christopher is a fresh new concept and approach to hospitality in way in dealing with staff, customers, suppliers and offering the old fashioned welcome hospitality the personal approach.

Christopher has got all his licenses and believes in training all his staff to the same level and standard he has as he believes they should have the same outlook and be proud as all will be able to hold licenses and run venues further up the line should they wish.

Why has Christopher taken this leap and so many opportunities; Christopher loves the hospitality industry from growing up he was in a cot in his granny’s hotel in the west end of Dundee which was popular and busy, his granny was self employed and done everything in her 7 bedroom hotel from housekeeping, cooking, waitressing, hotessing, accounts, stock, decorating, doing the garden and much more as well as bring up her three sons and Christopher’s Grampa who had two hairdressers in Dundee and taught at Dundee College as well as competitions and member of the NHF, so Christopher has grown up seeing his grandparents, his dad and now him being self employed and hard working, Christopher feels the purchase of the hotels, bars etc is his granny’s doing as he feels although she died in 1990 when Christopher was 8 he strongly feels she has pushed him and made happen as she knows that’s his calling and his passion, Christopher says before his granny died she said she was given her hotel to him, so she must have seen a passion in me back at 8 years old, sadly she died and his Grampa sold the hotel as it was too much with his other businesses. So Christopher believes this is her making sure he has, and he hopes he will do her proud and she still guides him.

So the passion, love and dedication for the business comes from the top Christopher is and always will be hands on and loves the feeling of making a difference and making people happy. Soon Christopher hopes to reopen Camperdown House as Hotel Camperdown a bespoke, Boutique 8 Bedroom Hotel, Wedding Venue, Restaurant and Bar set in beautiful grounds and surroundings.